Hoping I’m not the only one . . .

. . . . who needs a little extra motivation to get movin’ at the gym.  If you’re looking for a reason to get to the gym I’ve got the perfect solution for you  – ULTIMATE BOOTCAMP!!!

My next session starts THIS TUESDAY, January 3rd.

Time:  6-7 a.m.

Location: Mountainside Fitness Scottsdale – 11611 E. Sahuaro Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85259 phone – 480-889-8889

Price:  $100 for members $125 for non-members (session lasts 6 weeks)

Come sweat it out with a combination of cardio, strength and core training.  Classes will vary and keep you challenged week after week.  Hope to see you there!

Oh, and be sure to check out my updated schedule.  I have added some new classes for the new year.


Why is it so hard?


Lately it’s been hard to wake up in the rain and go to the gym at 5:30 in the morning.

Lately it’s been hard to pass up the abundance of delicious desserts that have come my way.

Lately it’s been hard to motivate myself to do all the many things on my list of things to do.

Ugh!  Keep asking myself why it’s so hard?!?!

Then I found this . . . .

This is my new motto.  LOVE it!

Cycle Playlist 11-10-11

Taught a fabulous cycle class yesterday and promised I would post the playlist.  So . . . here it is for your listening pleasure.

  • Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall – Coldplay
  • Titanium (feat. Sia) – David Guetta
  • Physical – Glee cast version feat. Olivia Newton-John
  • Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You) – Enrique Iglesias
  • Stereo Love – Edward Maya & Viga Jigulina
  • Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars
  • Just Stop Believing – Lady GaGa vs. Journey
  • Amy Amy Amy – Amy Winehouse
  • Shake Your Groove Thing – Peaches & Herb
  • Hide U – Kosheen
  • I Alone – Live
  • Beat It – Michael Jackson
  • Just a Girl – No Doubt
  • 4 Minutes – Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake
  • Feeling Good – American Idol Studio Edition with Adam Lambert
Happy Veteran’s Day!  Much love, gratitude and respect to those who serve our country – past, present and future.  We honor you today and always.

Are you up for a challenge?

Ok – my friend has inspired me to do a 14 day “NO JUNK FOOD CHALLENGE.”  This may seem like an easy thing for a fitness instructor to do.  But, I have a confession – I love red vines, french fries, chocolate, and a long list of things that I shouldn’t admit as one who is supposed to inspire you to stay fit and healthy. 🙂

But, after all that Halloween candy my body is craving a cleaner and healthier nutrition plan. Notice I didn’t say “diet.”  That’s torture to even think about this time of year!

So, if you, too are looking for something to motivate you to look and feel better join me these next 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  The more the merrier right?

Happy Holidays . . . already?!?!

Well, I pretty much blinked and a month flew by, which means that the rest of the year is going to go even faster.  I hope to sneak some more posts in before 2011 is done.  Because time is going to quickly I have been thinking about how to stay motivated during the busy holiday months.  Call me crazy, but this time of year is one of my favorite times to work out.  With all the festivities to prepare for and celebrate it may seem impossible to find time to fit a workout in.  I would have to disagree!  Here are my 5 reasons to keep movin’ during the holiday season.


We’ve all done it – stopped working out, started eating twice the amount of calories we normally do and gained at least 5 pounds by the time January rolls around.  It is fun while it lasts, but when the celebrating is over it becomes frustrating and discouraging to have to start over.  November and December don’t need to be a time to try to lose weight, but if you just have a goal of maintaining where you are at you won’t have to play catch up in 2012.


Although the season is full of joy, laughter and cheer, it can also equal to loads of stress.  Why not sweat it out at the gym?  I promise you will feel better, have more energy, and feel happier.  I also find that as I am exercising I am able to sort my thoughts and make a plan of what I need to do to stay organized.


Fight the urge to cover up your holiday bloat with extra stretchy elastic pants.  Throw out your big baggy sweaters and put on those skinny jeans.  I find that if I wear clothes that are fitting and stylish I not only feel better, but am less tempted to overeat.  For me the best indicator of how I am doing is not by a scale, but by the way my clothes feel on me.  So, don’t put your jeans away for 2 months and then pull them out after the holidays.  That can be torture!  Keep wearing them and if they start feeling too tight you’ll know to be a little more careful.


Make it a family affair!  No matter what holiday you celebrate you are hopefully blessed to be surrounded by family and friends this season.  So, recruit them to help you stay active.  I know one year our family ran in a “Turkey Trot” on Thanksgiving day.  There’s always the classic “Turkey Bowl,” but have you played a game of kick ball lately?  That can be fun for all ages and hilarious!  Go on a walk, jog or bike ride together.  Bring out of town guests to the gym with you.  You will all benefit from staying active and maybe make some fun memories while you are at it.


I must say that from Halloween on I am pretty much carb-loading, so I like to take the extra energy I have from extra calories I consume to kick it up a notch at the gym.  Now, don’t take this as permission to devour an entire pie just because you did 2 classes at the gym.  Keeping all things in moderation is key this time of year.  Just fight the urge to over indulge and you will feel much better both physically and mentally.

I would love to hear from you how you stay active during the holiday months.  Leave a comment of any tips or ideas you have.

Here’s to a healthy and happy holiday season for all!



Okay, so if you take my classes you know I have a little thing for Adele.  I have been using her new CD non-stop in class.  Here is her 2nd video from her album 21, “Someone Like You.”  So simple – so perfect – so one of my favorite songs.  Also, a surprisingly good song to run to.  Enjoy!

Monday Motivation

Monday is a day when we often feel discouraged.  We have the whole week ahead of us – a list a mile long of things to do with no idea of how we are going to accomplish it all.  Sound familiar?

Although we are not all olympic athletes, we all have something we are working for, striving for and hoping we will achieve.  So, consider these words as you start your week.

Take a deep breath and make a conscious effort to enjoy your days rather than dreading them, so that in the end you can look back and smile at your journey.  Believe in yourself, be patient with yourself and stay on the course.  The road may have imperfections scattered through it, but it is yours.

If you are looking for inspiration Apolo’s book is one you must read.  His book is amazing for young kids and adults. Like the title says it’s about living with “Zero Regrets.” I highly recommend it!